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  *all comments are from actual emails not evaluations, and have been unsolicited

Corporate Training Testimonials & Accolades

The Creative Pack

Danielle K.

The Creative Pack


The eLearning Guild/Adobe Learning Summit

Thank you card from eLearning Guild for Speaking at Adobe Learning Summmit and DevLearn

Adobe Learning Summit in Co-located with DevLearn
"10 Productivity Hacks whilte using Captivate and Creative Cloud"
View Session Description
eLearning Guild Team

The Creative Pack


Adobe Community Professionals

Thank you card from eLearning Guild for Speaking at Adobe Learning Summmit and DevLearn

Adobe Community Professionals
Adobe Train the Trainer

Tricia Lawrence | Sr. Manager, Customer Care | Customer & Employee Experience



Northrop Grumman

Hey Mark! I really enjoyed the class(Captivate) and personally got a lot out of it. I know this will help our team immensely. Will request and recommend you for any future training.
Thank you for coming out to Seattle

J. Lawlis
Technical Trainer

Northrop Grumman Corporation


Los Angeles County Dept. of Public Health

Thanks Mark for the Dreamweaver training! It was a great training and we definitely learned a lot.  We'll definitely keep you in mind if we decide to do more training.

D. Huang
HAN Coordinator

Los Angeles Dept of Public Health


Easton Foundations

The Social Media class was great. Setra was very nice and very knowledgeable. 
We really enjoyed the class.

K. White
Marketing and PR Manager

Easton Foundations


National Department Store Retailer

The training went really well! Susie collected feedback and all were raving reviews. People are all very excited about the upcoming Photoshop session :)

I would like this to be something we do twice a year. Courtney is figuring out travel schedules for the fall, so hopefully we can get something on the calendar within the next few weeks to have Chana come back again.

Hope all is well with you too. Have a good day!

Thank You,

Sara Z.
Learning Analyst for Design Office
National Department Store Retailer


AEG Creative

The class I had with Tony this weekend was amazing.
I can’t say enough about what a great instructor he is.
He’s also an incredible talent and a pleasure to work with.
I’m looking forward to working with him again in the future.

Thank You,

B. Mallman
AEG Creative

_________________________________   Top^

ABC Digital Media

Just wanted to put in a good word for Mark Itskowitch for Flash training.  He recently worked with our team for ten weeks and was dynamite.  Really good teacher, excellent demeanor, we're having him back our next round of training sessions.

Thank You,

Ted B.
Creative Director | ABC Digital Media


Deluxe Digital

Training was great, especially the Mocha part. We really didn't come up with a faster/better way to Roto, but he did come up with some minor adjustments to our Stereoscopic workflow.


Kelly G.
Senior Editor | Deluxe Digital


Disney Online

Sounds like the class went really well!
I’m planning on sending out a survey to the attendees to get their feedback;
I’d be happy to share the results with you.

Thanks! I also think the class went well, and the survey I had people fill out agrees.
It was great meeting you, and hope we can work together again someday. Brian

Brian E.
Manager, Technology
Disney Online



Thanks for a fun and informative week.
We learned a lot and I think you exceeded everyone's expectations.
Excellent job, it was a pleasure.
Hope you'll stay in touch.

J. Lopez
Creative Account Manager


Fox Studios

It was so amazing participating in the class yesterday for Photoshop…
the class yesterday was fantastic.
Everything was exemplary.  Thank you for all of your coordination effort.

I definitely look forward to taking another class of yours again. 
As soon as I got into work this morning I applied the Mastering Layers technique.

You did a great teaching job!”

Best regards,
Alisa Smith
Fox Studios

_________________________________   Top^

Universal Music

Mark was very knowledgeable and patient with the different levels of students we had in the class.
He covered all the areas we needed him to, and provided a really intuitive training for everyone.
I would highly recommend him

– R. Gordon,
Manager of Web Sales & Marketing, Universal Music Group Distribution


Universal Music

Mark, The students love you and loved the class!

– E. Shoji ,
Universal Music Group Distribution Adminstration & Operations


Variety, Inc.

The class was great.  I still feel like I know just the tip of what is possible, but I feel confident now on knowing enough to work my way through learning more.
... And if I can get another training class sometime in the future you will be first on my list for a teacher.

- D. McCormick
Online Sales Manager, Variety Online


Philips Design

Mark is a great instructor.
He leads you through the work and requires you to be engaged.
He made the class fun, as well as purposeful.

- C. Richard
Designer, Philips Design


Paraxel International

Mark, the Captivate Training was great!
Thanks for everything.  I will definitely keep you in mind for the future.

- C. Rosen
Training Coordinator, PARAXEL


LA County CEO Photographic Unit

I wanted to thank you (Mark) on behalf of myself and my crew for your efforts
to teach us something about PhotoShop.
We all learned quite a bit from your training.

- J. Camp
Chief Photographer, CEO Photographic Unit


Cox, Castle & Nicholson

The trainees report that Warren did a great job and they feel very confident
they can do what they need to do with the program [InDesign].  Thanks!

- Erica G.
Cox, Castle & Nicholson


Woodland Hills Pharmacy

Hello Mark,
Thanks again for sitting with me yesterday(with Dreamweaver),

I have so many more tools than I did before to make our website great!
Thanks again for your time.

- Karli K.
Woodland Hills Compounding Pharmacy

-------------------------------------------------------  Top^

Student Training Testimonials & Accolades

Thanks for a great webinar! I can't wait to go home and try making my own gif.
Thanks for all the tips and tricks and cool skills! You accomplished so much in that short time. I wish you were my one-on-one trainer--that was such fun!! 

-Lydia H.
Training Consultant


The training (InDesign) was great. I love Chana, she is amazing. I was able to get a lot of information and learned a ton from her in the period of time we had. I am very interested in the photoshop and illustrator because it seems they all work together and what we are trying to achieve will require those programs.

-Amber B.
Office Manager and Executive Assistant
Sares Regus Group


The training (Indesign) with Rick went great! Learned a lot in just three hours (1-on-1).
Time flies! Thank you again! Super accommodating! 

-Kaitlyn B.
Marketing Coordinator
Nordic PCL Construction, Inc.


I had a private class with Warren from headTrix on Adobe Premier, and he was really amazing.
Warren is a professional, working editor and he knew exactly the answer to all my questions.
He even offered insights on the video I was currently working on.

 He was nice, friendly and professional ... I will definitely take another class with him and headTrix. THANKS GUYS!

-Edwin S.
Marketing Director

Cal Poly Pomona


Thanks Mark. Yes, we are both so grateful to have had such a good teacher.
It has really added lots of value.

-Liana Y.
Senior Design Director

Center Cal Properties, LLC


I have taken several classes with headTrix in the past year and plan on taking some more. They are really great at what they do- they're patient and very knowledgeable. I have taken both private classes at my home office and group classes in Santa Monica. Both offer different experiences - but both are as informative. They keep their group classes very small so you still get the proper attention from thier knowledgeable Instructors. They have a good syllabus in place and answer all types of questions you may have (patiently). The private classes are ideal for me because I'm busy and I want a more personalized type of training where I can skip several tricks I already aknow and jump ahead to tools that are useful to my work/industry. Both Mark and Nate are attentive, knowledgeable, nice, friendly, and patient. I have taken many different classes in LA and they're the best so far because they make the 6 hour class go by fast with their fun projects, efficient workflow, and teaching techniques.

-Edwin S.
Marketing Director

Cal Poly Pomona


It was wonderful! Mark was so knowledgeable and amenable to my needs & hopes for the session! I will definitely use the $100 and sign up for a new training soon.
I want to learn video editing software!!!!

-Megan O.


The class went really well and I felt we accomplished a lot in one day.
Nathan was very professional and we covered the most important parts of Premiere that I wanted to learn.

-Maite B.
Video Journalist


The first day of training (Illustrator) went extremely well!
Rick is a great instructor and is very helpful with the learning process. 

Hopefully Lisanne and I will get the opportunity to work with InDesign in the future as well. 

-Arielle T.
Marketing Writer/Assistant
Cal Poly Pomona


Training(Premiere) was awesome. So happy I did it, thank you so much!
Really excited about it- Warren was amazing. 
All the best and thank you for your help organizing!

-Alex B.


Warren was just terrific!!!! I learned so much ... 
I couldn't have been more impressed with the quality of the instruction.

-June B.
Battersby Stores


I really loved the Premiere Training, it was awesome!
Warren was great and I am so glad I trained 1-on-1 (as an experienced Editor) it was a way better choice for me. I was able to edit right away! it really helped to tailor the lesson to my needs.

-Beth D.
Director, Editor, Writer
Film Entity, LLC


Warren's the shizzle.  Warren's class gave me the jump start I needed into After Effects.

-Beth D.
Director, Editor, Writer
Film Entity, LLC


The class(Social Media Level 1) was fantastic. Steve is a wonderful instructor. The class was a good balance of humor and in depth instruction.
I loved it and can't wait to take level 2!

- , Helias


This class(Social Media Marketing) was amazing, informative and entertaining. Not only did the class provide all the insights in the how-to's of social media, Steven also approached it from a business consulting angle. Steven provides ideas regarding content, sourcing of content, possible marketing activities, the difference in purpose of all platforms and tailored the information towards the industry we are in. The outline of short-term and long-term goals with activities linked to measurable results allows us to operate with a level of accountability that we would never have had if we would not have worked with Steven.
I highly recommend the class to anybody who wants to get the most out of social media both on a personal and professional level.

- , Helias


Warren did a great job (Premiere Training). He was patient and thorough and quickly got to the heart of what I needed. I will likely need a booster course in a while.

-Jeff K.
Floating World Pictures


Thanks, the class (After Effects) was excellent. I learned a lot.

-Trevor S.


I took a class on After Effects and was so pleased with the instructor Steve, he was awesome! I will defiantly be taking the advanced training.

-Jordis M.


headTrix is the only place to go for training!  I am an experienced trainer myself and I am difficult to please so this is high praise! Mark is patient and intuitive to his student's needs. He ensured that I understood the software(Captivate) and the steps needed to create a professional product. His eye for detail and creative expertise are essential for my needs and he was able to impart this information to me effortlessly.  I highly recommend Headtrix and Mark as an instructor.

- , HTS


Mark and headTrix Training moved me up the learning curve. I learned(SEO) in 4 hours what would have taken me months if not a year to learn on my own. When you are launching an eCommerce platform that can be the difference between success and failure. It's a worthwhile investment in education and gives you skills that are so valuable. I will be back for more courses in different areas soon! A+

- , Zero Gravity Tables


The training was great. I have been really busy with my new job since the training and have used After Effects extensively. Warren is a great trainer. I can't believe how much information he covered is three days.

- Helen C.


Hi Mark,

The After Effects training went very well. Steve was very knowledgeable and helpful.
I hope to use the coupon in the next few months.

Thank you

Beth S.
Multimedia Designer
CTS Cement


Thank you so much for sending Warren (Illustrator). He was truly fantastic. I was wondering how much it would be to upgrade my photoshop 2 training to a private one day training with warren.  Thanks!

Alison S.
Marketing & Admissions Director
YULA Girls High School


I took an amazing Social Media 101 course at headTrix located in the heart of Santa Monica on Main street. The course was everything I wanted and more! 

I learned the how to utilize social media for my business on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube platforms. Because of this course, my business doubled in sales. The course was small so that each student could really excel. I was able to ask the teacher individualized questions and he was able to answer them thoroughly - it felt like a private training session! I recommend this social media course for all of you who want to take your business to the next level.

Ilana L.


Everything was great! I thoroughly enjoyed my 1 on 1 session.
Mr. Bowe you're a great teacher!

Kedrick W.


Hey Mark, I just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you I am really enjoying the Live Online training (Captivate) and learning a lot. I really appreciate your passion about teaching us and your willingness to spend extra time. I really enjoyed the class and your teaching style.  It would be great when we migrate to the next version, we can again call on you to share your knowledge.

Laurie W.
Expert Documentation & Training Developer


Hi Mark,
Thanks again for the great Live Online training (Captivate)!
I could never imagine I would learn so much in such a short time frame :)

Els N.
Expert Documentation & Training Developer


Training was good. I think I gleaned enough to get started and am excited to
start working with InDesign. The instructor was good and thorough ...I am glad you offered the Live Online Training option and I didn’t have to travel. Thanks!

Shari J.


My headTrix training really was excellent.
David was obviously expert with Framemaker, as well
as InDesign (which is what we currently use). It was helpful that he
was so familiar with both programs because he seemed to understand my
mindset. He was also very accommodating in addressing some of my specific
concerns with regard to our Company's publications, but
without deviating significantly from our itinerary.

My concerns about live online training were alleviated after just a few hours. I
realized that watching and listening to a seasoned-user was as valuable as a
classroom experience.

L. Allen
Technical Publications


I loved the class. Learned a ton. Thanks so much. (After Effects)

Kathleen M.
Warner Bros. Entertainment


Thanks for the training...
it was intense but very informative and with great hands on training.

Again, thank you for your patience with me and your offer for future help.
I plan to stay in contact with you.  You really know Photoshop. Thanks

Kevin S.


Excellent place to take Adobe training.  I have taken several classes and all the instructors have been wonderful.  Highly recommend this company for classes on Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign etc.

Crislyn M.


Took Photoshop and Dreamweaver courses.  Had previously tried to learn Photoshop on my own but became very frustrated with it.  I signed up for the Photoshop course and the owner/instructor (Mark) did a great job of teaching me how to use the software.  While I am still far from being an expert, the skills I learned in the class have allowed me to do things at work which I previously would have had to hire someone else to do.  I enjoyed the class so much that I also took Dreamweaver as an introduction to designing websites which is something that also is of interest to me but never thought I could do on my own.  Both classes are highly recommended for those who are interested in photo editing and web design.

Tim I.
Los Angeles World Airport


Mark is brilliant and has wonderful ideas. He is also full of enthusiasm about his students' projects. As well as the classes, I have done one-on-one training with him and he has been very helpful with my website development. Highly recommend the Photoshop course.

Jacqueline C.
AGx Technologies


I moved the CSS rules, saved it and then made a new document --- and it WORKED!


You are an EXCELLENT TEACHER MARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alex M.


You were a great instructor, Mark. Really learned a lot of Actionscript and had a blast.
I did fill out the survey and gave you high marks! You are very personable and fun as well! That’s really important to me and you were easy to work with.

Ryan H.
Media Coordinator/Flash Programmer


Everything was great, I did learn lots.... Rob was great!

Angela D.
Office Coordinator


Just wanted to say thank you for the Final Cut class =) 
Warren is a fantastic instructor and I learned a lot!

Sam L.
Dun & Bradstreet


Thank you!  Warren is delightful, capable and really understands FCP! Project is coming together and we should be done today!!  Thanks again for everything!
Warren is a savior!

Gina L.
Video Editor


Steven is an amazing After Effects Instructor and very knowledgeable.
He covered all the stuff I needed to know. Thank you

Gary O .
Genetix S Pte Ltd


Thanks, Mark. The class was great. You're a great teacher. So maybe I should've gone to Dreamweaver 1  but I got so much out of this class too. No regrets at all. I've learned so much. I'll see you again for sure! Thanks again!

Eva L.


I just wanted to convey my thanks for the training session that I had 
with Sally Cox last Thursday. It went very well. She's an experienced 
Connect user and a very good trainer. We covered all the material at my 
pace and I learned a tremendous amount. Sally is a real professional. If 
I needed other training, I will not hesitate to study with her and headTrix. Thanks,

George C.


yeah it's a thankless world so when someone does a good job it's a good idea to let them know. Your a great teacher Mark and you did a great job of deciding our pace and moving us all through all that stuff rather than having us experts in just a small part of it.

D. Mollison
Creative Director

-------------------------------------------------------  Top^

I wanted to thank you for the great two days of training.
I hope I was able to liven it up a little bit. 

M. Richman
Marketing & Communications


Thanks for a great 3 days of AS3 Mark. I had a good time and learned a lot.

M. Prendergast
Lawndale High School Art


I just wanted to thank you for an excellent training Monday and Tuesday.  I can’t tell you what a breath of fresh air you were with your style and expertise.  You were able to make it very understandable and I walked away knowing that I could recreate what you taught us with my own material.  That is something we were not able to do with the previous instructor.  Thank you very much and I hope we are able to take more classes with you.

M. Crowell
Multi-Media Manager, Information Technology
San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools


I was just reflecting on the class that i took recently with Mark. The class was Beginners ActionScript 3.0. I didn't really know how it was possible to learn that much of this programming language in 3 days. The great thing about this particular class and this particular teacher, is that he didn't bang through all of the material, just for the sake of covering everything- He taught us how to learn this stuff.. Mark has an amazing knack for making something that sounds so confusing in a book, make sense. Now, a couple months after the class, as i go through my ActionScript 3.0 books- i actually understand WHY i am entering the code that i'm entering.. In simple terms- Mark is a great teacher who can teach you HOW to learn this stuff! i'm very glad i had the opportunity to learn from him.
Thank you!

J. Otelsberg
Aspiring Flash Animator


Very adept instructor. I almost wish it lasted one more day (or two).
He demystified some of the more veiled functions of Flash.

- J. Power
University of Texas

-------------------------------------------------------  Top^

Very fun and lively instructor. Glad we did not have "Ben Stein" as the Instructor

- K. Gingerich
Planet Smiles


Hi Mark. – hopefully you remember me –
I took your Dreamweaver class last week in Newport Beach.
Thanks for a really good class – I learned a lot....
Feel free to add my comments and if you ever need a reference, give them my info!

Julie B
Margarita Marketing


I really enjoyed your flash class on mon and tues,
and am wondering if you are teaching any of the dreamweaver classes in July?

Thanks so much for everything. I really enjoyed the training.
It is a lot for me to take in, but at least now I have an understanding of the program and how it works.

Thanks again.
-Beth Roeser
Professional River Outfitters, Inc


The instructor was very personable, easy to talk to, thus easy to ask questions.
I liked the fact that we didn't stick to the Macromedia book because we were able to learn how things worked independent and then refer to the book for a second example if needed.

M. Whalen
U.S. Geological Survey


Mark, Thanks again for a great class. Learned a lot. Glad you did the code (although I wasn't sure at first).

-Thomas Neenan,
Professor, Cal State University


Mark, I think I can say that on behalf of everyone in the class, thank you,
and that this was a wonderful class, thank you for coming here to Houston,
it was a pleasure to get to know you and learn so much this week...I am just glad that I could keep up...
I hope that you had a good trip back and made your plane ontime.

-Duane Dixon
Teacher, High School for the Performing and Visual Arts (HSVPA), TX

___________________________________   Top^

Mark, thank you for being so patient with me during the three day
Dreamweaver course. It was immensely beneficial and I felt you were
extremely thorough and clear considering all the material you covered
in such little time.

I signed up for the Flash course for September 25, 26 so perhaps
we'll touch base again.

Again thank you!

Pablo Garcia
Director of Engineering and Operations
Classical KUSC 91.5
University of Southern California


Thanks again for a great class this week,
You are an excellent instructor, too bad this week the classes went by too fast!
I'd really love to take your course in Flash

I just want to let you know that the Dreamweaver training I had this week was great!
Mark Itskowitch was great and I wish the other instructors would have his method of teaching. About a month ago I had Flash training and the instructor went straight from the book, paragraph by paragraph, and I did not learn quite as much as I would've, if he taught utilizing Mark's method. Mark went by the book, but added explanations to what the book had., in class the instructor explanations are much needed and are extremely helpful and the book is used as an added resource.

Truth be told, after the Flash class I was looking for another place to take the Dreamweaver course, but the
City had already paid for it and it was going to be too much trouble to change, but after being in Mark's class, I am glad I didn't change it. I would very much like to re-take the Flash course if Mark would be the one teaching it. Is there any possibility he can teach the course within the next weeks or months?

Thank you for your attention to this matter,
Elvia Hernandez
Graphic Designer
City of Los Angeles


Thanks Mark, My presentation went great. I referenced you several times and cited your expertise and care in your clients. You were a huge help and I really appreciate everything you did to help me through the process.
Don't be surprised if you hear from one of my colleagues. Lorri

Lorraine M
M.S., Cert. Ed., RSP


Hey , It's me, John I was in your Dreamweaver class last week.
So, after the class Matese came up to me and asked me how the class went.
I told her great! You were an awesome instructor and I really learned a lot.
She then asked if I would be interested in helping to update the website.
I said sure, I would love to practice my new skills.

John B.
Video Editor


Certiport Development Services Inc.'re wonderful!! Thank you for all of this hard work! We appreciate it.

T. Harris

_________________________________   Top^

American Media Training


Jody from Variety, Inc. said the training was great - Well Done.
I must say that everyone you have trained for me has given you high praise.

Neil Stromin
American Media Training


The Art Institute of California

Hi Mark,

Awesome class last week! Keep up the good teaching.

Edward Soehendra
Student - Fundamentals of Authoring
Art Institute of California


Hi Mark,
Just wanted to thank you for all your help this quarter. I learned a lot, you did a wonderful job, and hope that you always run into employers, and students that appreciate you.

Student - Fundamentals of Authoring
Art Institute of California


Hey man,

  I got great news this week.  I imagine that the reason I got "Best of Quarter"
for "Fundamentals of Authoring" was largely in part to your recommendation.
I can't thank you enough... even if you didn't recommend me.
This new Flash class, game prototyping, it's all actionscript, and
the stuff you taught, and in the fashion you taught it was top notch.
Everyone jacks up in that class... except Edward, His programmer pal.... John is it?
and yours truly (from sitting in your class)
Again, can't say thanks enough times to express my gratitude.

And I'm trying to finalize the slot machine... I'll keep you posted.

   _root.text1="take it easy"
   _root.text2="AnGeL" "

Angel Campos
Student, “Fundamentals of Authoring”,
The Art Institute of California – Summer 2004

_________________________________   Top^

University of California, San Diego (UCSD)

Mark is a very knowledgeable and capable media designer who has the unique ability
to teach those qualities to others. When teaching multimedia courses for us at UCSD,
Mark always obtained high student evaluations and demonstrated that good teachers
DO as well as teach. Mark is a goal-oriented, team player who enhances the quality
of every team of which he is a part.

Dr Jim Brown
Director, UCSD Digital Arts Program (DAC)


Thank you for allowing us to highlight your work,
and bring creditable validation to the quality of our teaching staff.

John Lane
UCSD Instructor


You have been a great teacher, hope that I will continue learning flash from you.
Thanks again.

Gigi Tung


Thanks, the class was super - I don't think anyone could teach this
class but you - not in such a short time anyway...

Beatrice (UCSD extension)


…I am thoroughly enjoying the class
you, your spirit, and the content and pace are great for me everybody loves you
and everybody is learning a lot

Dave Fenner


It's great to be in a class that's so challenging and interesting.
You really make it exciting :)
You're a great instructor...are you teaching another class soon? Thanks!

Rachel Sandweiss


Hey Mark- 
I wanted to thank you for the class Saturday. I got a lot of valuable information from the class.
So Thanks, and If you teach any advanced "tricks" :) or Photoshop classes let me know, I would be interested in attending.
Thanks again

Photoshop Tips & Tricks


I was in your Flash class last week and just wanted to thank you
for being such a great instructor.  You definitely made sitting
in an 8-hour class more enjoyable.  I can't wait to start working in Flash,
it's such a cool program.

Karen D. Furlong
Corporate Graphics & Web Manager
Student - University of California, San Diego (UCSD)

-------------------------------------------------------  Top^

Greetings Mark, My name is Madison Fuentes. I recently attended the Web Graphic
Optimization course you taught with Jon Cohen. Completing that course
earned me a certificate in Web Graphic Optimization.
I did not plan on taking anymore courses with UCSD Extension,
but attending class with you has helped renew my interest
in pursuing another certificate - Flash Animation for the Web. Are you planning on teaching Flash III in 2003?
If not, can you please recommend a good instructor to take?
I would prefer to take another course with you since I know
I will not be disappointed. Thanks,

Madison Fuentes
Student - University of California, San Diego (UCSD)


Last night's class was awesome. It all came together for me and my project went smooth as silk today....go figure.
You were very entertaining on top of it.

Get some sleep!

Shelley Smith
Student - University of California, San Diego (UCSD)


Hi Mark,

You know, I hope, that the four of us are taking your class purely for the love of learning :-) - no credit or grades.
I want to let you know that I am so-o-o thankful to you for sharing your knowledge.
You are truly one of the best teachers I've ever had.

I will definitely be there next Thursday (likely no site in hand) but, hopefully,
the lay-out of one I plan to work on and carry through to the DAC program.

Have a good weekend

Linda Engbrenghof
Student - University of California, San Diego (UCSD)
Digital Art Certificate Program


Hi Mark How Are you?  Remember me? 

I just wanted to say thanks for everything you ever taught me.
Looking back that’s quite a bit. Photoshop Levels 1 and 2 and Flash Levels 1 and 2.
Tonight I will sit in class again at UCSD however it will be my last class and
I will complete my certificate in multimedia development.

Thanks for everything.

Larry Snay
Student - University of California, San Diego (UCSD)

__________________________________   Top^

The San Diego New Media Center

“Hi Mark, This is to tell you how much many of us enjoyed your class,
for which you provided interesting perspectives.

I also loved the test, which showed me where I stood.

Thanks again, Ruth.
Ruth T. Lin

You’re a good teacher. Hence why you’re teaching. Patient, witty and flexible.
All around great class.

Eric Nutt, Jr.
Computer Assisted Presentations
Student in Flash ActionScript 7/03


Hi Mark, I have been wanting to tell you how much I appreciated learning from you.
I think your so neat, direct, creative and a great elevated teacher.
Learning from you is always valuable to me...
The Christmas card you sent out Had me kicking my feet and intrigued. Really.
You really put yourself out-there.

Thank you,
Ben Potratz

___________________________________   Top^

The Macintosh Multimedia Group (M3) Multimedia SIG

Hi Mark, I have recently been attending the M3
meetings and wanted you to know that your efforts are
very much appreciated. I realize how much work goes
into planning the group and wanted you to know that it
has helped me in starting my career in graphics.



Mark That was a great meeting last night.
Those Photoshop tips you gave are going
to come in handy.

Tony Greicius


Great tips on Photoshop last night! 

Peter Chapman
Graphic Designer


I also am very familiar with many of the same applications
and skills as you (almost.... but headtrix is really far out). 

-Geordan L Mitchell
Graphic Designer

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Consulting Testimonials & Accolades

Mindology Fitness

I just got word from the Investors and they LOVE LOVE LOVE the Deck you created as much as I did! We will be able to use it for multiple things! Thanks again!  

Troy Byer 
American psychologist, author, director, screenwriter and actress 
Mindology Fitness


American International Industries

WE LOVE IT!!!!!  Thank you! 
Call me when you have a minute. 

Lisa Jannone 
Creative Director 
American International Industries


Fay Gauthier

Thank you again for your beautiful work. It’s received high praise, and I’m so happy to have a product with top notch graphics. FYI, I gave you a plug in the national networking group Women in Music. I didn’t list specific rates—just that you do stellar work, are affordable and a nice guy to boot. Hopefully it will bring you some good business!

Fay Gauthier


Big Foot Entertainment

You are awesome!  This looks fabulous!

Let's talk about implementation of site. 
Great work!

Michelle Mastrorio
Vice President
Big Foot Entertainment 



We are very pleased with this portion of the site.

Bruce M. Tripido
National Marketing Manager, DVD
Sony Electronics

Simply put, no one can dispute that you're extremely talented
and that your work is incredible.

-Cheryl Spelts-
Graphic Designer
Sony Online 


Ann Taylor

HOT. HOT. HOT.  Awesome job.  Looks great.  I will talk to you soon. 
Get some sleep.

EVERYONE LOVES IT! -D "Once again,  it was kickin'.  OK, now next steps if you are up for it.
I want to make some alterations (plenty of time) and pay you more to do that. Call when you have a chance. Once again, we would have been much less impressive without your fine work. Talk to you soon. -D

David Makuen
Marketing Director
Ann Taylor


The Crash Dummies, The Movie, LLC

they are great! , …, and I like the 2nd one more... 

Doug Lodato
Crash Dummies, LLC

The Group

Thanks Mark! This is great! You have been a great help on this project and I am glad that we had
the opportunity to work with you. When this develops further, I
would love to bring you in on it (if you would like it and we have not
driven you crazy). :)

Thanks again, Lisa T.
Creative Director


Hello Mark-

Thanks for checking in. They loved it. You did a great job ....

Lisa T.
Creative Director


Castells AD Agency

Great job! Everyone really did enjoy it and we got great feedback.
Thank you and I will keep you in mind for our next project.
Happy New Year to you

John Mendoza

-------------------------------------------------------  Top^

The Motta Company

dude, right on! 
I like version 2. I love the interface, too. 
you're hired.

Jay H.
Creative Director, SVP
The Motta Company



FYI, enjoy, and thanks for all your hard work and efforts!

Brian L.

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IVID Communications

Hi Mark, It is so great to have you working on this project.  It will
look and perform better as a result! Thank you!

Great work Mark!  Love the one with the tray. Very cool.
Chas please use the lunch art with the tray!


Beth M.
Sr. Project Manager
Ivid Communications


This is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!  Great work!
I really appreciate your willingness to go the extra mile, Mark.
You have been great to work with.  I REALLY love the main screen now!

Joan T.
Chief Operating Officer
Ivid Communications


Mark, You did an outstanding job on this.  It looks terrific. -          Jack

Mark, I really have to compliment you on the design you came up with.
I think it's very creative and that they'll like it a lot.  It more than achieves what our proposal needs to accomplish for that portion of our pitch.”
You did an exceptional job on this, Mark. I’m confident we’ll get the
next one we have a shot at and I look forward to working with you.

Jack S.
Ivid Communications

-------------------------------------------------------  Top^

Multi Image Productions

Thanks again for a great job on such a short turn around. Be in touch soon 
Thank you for your great effort on the CRM 5.0 project! The client is happy.
You do great work.
Let’s talk early next week to schedule the web meeting.

Mark S.
Vice President Film/Video
Multi Image Productions


The NBC Agency

Hi Mark,

NBC is very happy with your work and David(Creative Director, NBC Agency),
thinks you are an excellent designer so thanks for making us look so good!!


Diana Q.
Talent Director

------------------------------------------------------- Top^


Thanks for completing the project. Looks great!


Heath Gregory 
Marketing Director 


The University of California, San Diego(UCSD)


Presentation was very successful. Thanks for your efforts and artistry.
Thanks for all - Rachel

I just viewed the presentation. It's terrific!

Dear Mark – 6.8.04
You were the hit of the Univ of Maryland (where the presentation was held).
Thanks for a terrific job - on very short notice.

Best wishes – Rachel P.
Mgmt Services Officer
University of California (UCSD), Department of Neurosciences


Hi, Mark,

It went fantastically well! There was a huge crowd, and everyone seemed
to have a really good time. They loved the flash presentation! When it
was over I saw a few misty eyes in the crowd.

Thanks for doing such a great job.

Doris A. Trauner, M.D.
Chief of Pediatric Neurology at UCSD

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